Hello there.
My name is Alexandra Kinter,
creator behind La fleur du temps.


I’m a storyteller, who uses pigments to express moods. Painting’s been a part of my whole life the same way as collecting pieces of plants and elements in the woods. Arriving into a meditative inner silence I started to listen to flowers and berries and realised that nature is my greatest muse. I experimented with different techniques, such as oil on canvas and mixed material collages in the past 20 years until I found natural-dying. During my travels around the world, I met smaller tribes in Asia and Africa. Being fascinated by their traditional knowledge, my focus turned towards nature on a new and deeper level. Under the hands of the guardians of natural-dying, I dug myself into the method and began creating my own pigments and developed a unique colouring technic.

I work with organic canvases such
as silk, cotton or linen, coming
from local manufactures, painting
them several times,
applying many layers.
The process takes up to 1-2
months depending on the
technique, let it be sun-dying,
boundage or pot-dying.

I enjoy creating on bigger surfaces and the result is always a unique, single-made painting what is fully filled with clear emotions.

Two springs ago, being inspired by love,
I began to think about, how sensitive a soul could feel, while it's falling without landing. I tried to manifest these refined, fragile senses into soft colors and drew lines of wears. The garments are transparent but still cover, representing intimacy, speciality and magic. I created a collection of kimonos, night-wears, and soft scrafs.

The result of this year-long process is
the first capsule collection of La fleur du temps, called The Lovers.